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Friday, October 02, 2009

Preparing for Holiday Blooms

With Christmas only 12 weeks away (Yes, I know no one wants to be reminded of this) it's time to make sure your Christmas cactus' get the care they need in order to bloom for the holidays.
As the days become shorter, it's important for Christmas cactus to get at least 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. So, if necessary move your cactus to a spot where outside lights will not disturb their internal clock.
Give them one last feeding of fertilizer for the year and water only when absolutely necessary, and you'll be able to enjoy their beautiful blooms during the holidays.


Nell Jean said...

Thank you for the Christmas Cactus reminder. Mine needs to be moved away from the security light, a last feeding and tucked where it doesn't get too much water.

Susan said...

You are most welcome. The holidays just always seem to sneak up on us, so I'm glad to provide a little reminder.

Hildegard said...

Time does creep up on us. Thanks for the reminder.