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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chinese Ground Orchid

In late winter, the foliage of the Chinese ground orchids Bletilla striata emerge from the soil. Right behind them are the delicate little purple and white flowers. There is also a white variety. These cold-hardy ground orchids are different from the tropical ones sold in local stores. This particular variety goes to sleep in winter and then re-emerges in spring, similar to caladiums. The bright green palm-like foliage remains through early autumn. 

They multiply readily and can be shared or planted throughout the garden. Of all the bulbs planted in my garden they are the first to bloom in spring.

If you like ground orchids, the Bletilla striata is a good cold-hardy choice for central Florida gardens. I have never seen it sold locally but it can be purchased online.


Jasben Bolt said...
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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful and the kind of plant I like to add to the garden because I'm the type of gardener that would forget I planted them and each spring it would be like a surprise gift when they emerged. :-)

David The Good from FloridaSurvivalGardening.com said...


David The Good from FloridaSurvivalGardening.com said...

BTW, Susan - I just realized I hadn't linked to you in my blog list at Florida Survival Gardening. You're there now.

daisy g said...

What a lovely introduction to spring!

James Bruckts said...
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Jones Henry said...

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