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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Struthers Nursery & Garden Center

It was a warm sunny day at the end of September, when I visited Struthers Nursery & Garden Center located on 27041 C.R. 561 in Tavares in Lake County (352-343-1430).

It's hard to find the old-timey, genuine mom & pop nurseries these days, but what a feast for the eyes this immaculately kept, well-stocked nursery is.

Look at this beautiful long entrance into the nursery. I knew instantly I was going to enjoy my visit. The owners are extremely pleasant and eager to help answer questions. They don't mind spending time with you, and I ended up hanging around chatting for quite a while.

You can find just about any landscape plant, and some pleasant surprises on their sprawling acreage of land. The plants are in excellent shape and the prices are lower than the local box stores, and generally larger, too. 

They've created "garden spaces" to display their plants and give you ideas. On the day I visited their were tons of butterflies drifting throughout the nursery. 

Wouldn't you just love to have their garden shed in your backyard? I know I definitely would!

There's a shade house filled with shade-loving tropical plants. And, as I sat on that bench in the photo waiting for my sister and daughter to arrive, birds and butterflies were all around me. I jokingly told the owner that I was coming back tomorrow with my lunch to sit here. He smiled and told me that he has folks come out just to stroll through the garden and plants.  

It's well worth the drive for folks who live near the Tavares/Astatula area, or if you happen to be in the area.  


Meta said...

Thanks for the info on the Nursery. I will be sure to go visit them.

ChrisC said...

Thanks for the info.What'd you buy?

Anonymous said...

We love this place. Very friendly and helpful. We buy all our landscaping needs from Tony and Donna.

Susan said...

Yes, I did forget to mention what I purchased...didn't I? Okay, I got the following minimal care plants - two Mona Lavender's, dwarf firebush, three bulbine, one abelia.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed all the help that Dave gave us...very knowledgeable,how to care for,what to use where, hope we can make our vision a reality. Thank you Dave. Geno & Laurel.