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Monday, June 06, 2011

Rosalind Creasy's "Edible Landscaping" Book Giveaway

Edible Landscaping Book Giveaway

It's time for another exciting "giveaway!"

This time it's Rosalind Creasy's wonderful Edible Landscaping book from Sierra Club Books.

If you grow your own vegetables (and I know many of you do) you're going to love this 380 page book chock-full of ideas for incorporating vegetables into your existing flowerbeds. Just take a look at these sumptuous garden beds overflowing with beautiful blooming perennials and healthy vegetables.
Click photos to enlarge for better viewing

This updated version of the Edible Landscaping is loaded with practical information, detailed steps for creating a landscape plan, landscape designs, guidelines for plant selections, chapters on designing with herbs, vegetables and fruits, berries and nuts. It also includes a gallery of design ideas and tons of gorgeous photos.

This book is a great summer read in preparation for the autumn garden. Click here to read more about the book.

All you need to do to have a chance at winning the Edible Landscaping book is leave a comment.

The winner will be announced on Thursday - June 16th
so be sure to leave a comment by Wednesday, June 15th at midnight to enter.

Best of luck to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to give this book to my son so he could include some vegetables in the xeriscaping he's doing in his yard. Enjoyed your last post also...about the teacher and the 4th grade class "saving" the land near their school!

Meems said...

It is always helpful to see photos and get more good ideas. This looks like a colorful and informative book. Thanks for the offer. I'll put my name in the hat.

NanaK said...

This looks like a great book. With sunny spots in short supply around my garden, incorporating edibles along with the butterfly plants is something I'm interested in doing. Any gardening book with lots of pictures is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the opportunity to put my name in the drawing.

Run Baby Run said...

Newby vegetable gardener here..but absolutely love it!

Ami said...

Oh, I love the idea to incorporating begetables into the flowerbeds. Actually I am trying one right now. It would be very helpful to have a reference book like this. Thanks for the offer and please count me in.

africanaussie said...

Oh that looks like my kind of book, but you probably wouldn't send it to Australia - I will just put it on my wish list. The cosmos in my vegetable gardens are attracting tons of butterflies, so it makes being out in the garden a sheer pleasure!

Nell Jean said...

Oh, fun. I usually put flowers in my veggie plots. Veggies in the flowers sounds good, too. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Karen said...

I am not by any means a "gardener" so I need all the help I can get. I would love to grow vegetables in my yard.

Pamela said...

This might help to bring my vegetable garden into the design I am yearning for. It's tough in Florida.

The Brew Crew said...

This is the first year we planted a vegetable garden here in Central Florida. This book would be a great help to us as novices.

jane said...

This looks like a great reference for a novice Florida gardener like me. My daughter would love to look through it as well - she loves helping Mom & Grandma in our little garden.

Amy said...

As a novice gardener, I can use all the help I can get! Every time I go to the nursery, I want to buy some new vegetable, but my small garden can't hold any more plants. This book would be a great source for ideas on how I can work the veggies in w/other plants. And thank you Central FL Gardener for your very informative blog. Always a good read!

Anonymous said...

Up until 3 months ago, I was a midwestern gardener. I now live in Florida and it seems like all of my gardening knowledge has flown out the window. I do need help with ideas for sure.

Orlando Realtor said...

I love the "teaser" description of the book. It would be wonderful to have the whole story.

Besides, I just love books.

DIANE said...

Would love to win the book, try vegetable gardening, but need HELP.

Thank you-Diane

Inez said...

Having an edible garden is a great way to lower your ecological footprint. I would love to have this book because it would help make 'saving the earth' more beautiful. Thanks for offering it.

Susi said...

This is my first year planting food. Too bad it took me so long to discover what a beautiful garden edibles make. I had started last fall with compost piles everywhere, and sowed seads in January.I am still harvesting rainbow swiss chards even with melons growing! Still very much a beginer and would love to have this book for ideas and reference. I like the fact that it's specific with where i reside in central Florida!

sherryocala said...

Susan, how did you know that's just what I need? Thank you for such a generous offering. Put my name in the drawing, too.

Jennifer Shipley said...

Have been dabbling in garden for awhile now and haven't been having very good yields but would love to get this book and maybe learn new things I can try.

Dave said...

Somebody is going to get a very nice book. And if it is anything like these photos, it must be filled with great ideas. Flowers and veggies, side by side. My kind of gardening. Maybe I'll be the lucky one. Thanks!

tervy said...

Oh,oh how I want to read this and learn!

Marci said...

I can't wait to get this book. Hoping I am still eligible for the giveaway. My next project is turning my ugly yard into edible beauties like the pics I have seen of Rosalind's yard. What an inspiration.

Julie said...

Dear Susan...thanks so much for your visit to my blog! I feel honored that you mentioned me here on your blog!!! I do still cover my succulent plants and other plants and flowers plus my vegie garden on the blog...and other arts and crafts and family stuff. I tried to keep it all gardening, but I just couldn't! LOL. Anyway, thanks again. I fell upon this post and just wanted to say I am most happiest when I am growing vegies in with my flowers...there is just something about it. I had not heard of this book...will look for it at the PB County library tho. I will continue to check out your blog and add you to my blogroll. See you around!

Susan said...

Hi Julie...It's a fabulous book to look through. All the pretty flowers combined with vegetables - just stunning!

Anonymous said...

this is something i would love the opportunity to have many of these on hand for christmas gifts. i have always tried to incooroprate these kind of beds. sounds like your referrance book would help me and my friends. thank you for the opportunity.

Rebekah Vigil said...

I am looking for resources to start consulting nonprofit organizations in my community on how to incorporate vegetable gardens, then we plan to start culinary programs and education on healthy eating and daily nutrition! This book would be a valuable asset to my knowledge and desire to support my community.

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cindy sears said...

I so need this book just bought a place in Astor that I want to turn into a Edible Landscape and need to learn how!!!