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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Florida Garden Blogs - A Growing List...

More Florida gardeners are blogging about...what else...their gardens! Drop by and welcome these new found Florida garden bloggers.

Ken in Tampa shares his thoughts about the Musings of a Would be Renaissance Man.

Follow Sandy in Clearwater as she posts about The Wonders of Doing.

Gardening in Miami is a blog authored by 4 gardeners who live in the Miami area.

 Julia in Brevard county blogs about gardening and wildlife on her M.O.M. blog.

Georgia Tasker (garden writer for the Miami Herald) explores the world of tropical plants in her  Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden blog.

If Only Sweat were Irrigation is where Sherry in Ocala writes about her love for roses.

Belle Aquarium & Garden Design - Located in South Florida...Belle specializes in water gardens & aquariums.

Teresa Watkins has a radio show in Florida on gardening and she also shares her environmentally-friendly tips on her Earth Shattering Gardening blog.

A central Florida gardener blogs about life and her vegetable gardens in a  Bloom in Thyme.              

Gardening on a Dime is where  Dave & Trish...two west central Florida gardeners shares tips on gardening economically.

Gardening on an acre in rural south Florida,  Dawn's Garden Life is a fun read.

Amber in Largo shares her love for gardening in Sand Gardening.

If you live in or around Hillsborough county you may be interested in The Hillsborough Extension Garden Blog.

Any other Florida garden bloggers out there?

Leave a comment with your blog address, and I'll gladly list you on our blogroll, too!

Additional Note:
Nancy P. in Vero Beach sent me an email with a couple of plants to add to our cold-hardy plant list.  Mona Lavender (Plectranthus) and Blue Butterfly Bush (clerodendrum ugandense) both survived this past winter.


FlowerLady said...

Wow, look at that list. It is so nice to see so many Florida blogs. They were few when I started almost three years ago.

Thanks for the list Susan.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

NanaK said...

I'm familiar with a few on this list of new Florida gardening blogs and love them. Can't wait to visit the others! Thanks for keeping us informed. It's so helpful and fun to see how others garden in our hot and humid (except when it's freezing) environment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the blogs...my plant growing is confined to containers now (on a small patio) and I'm still learning the container gardening rules!

Darla said...

Oh yes, I will be checkin' these out!! Love from Tallahassee.

Dave@Gardeningonadime said...

Thanks for mentioning our site. I never realized how many close neighbors I had in the garden blogosphere. More to visit, more to learn, more to enjoy!

Dogwood trees Tennessee said...

Thanks for mentioning our site. I never realized how many close neighbors I had in the garden blogosphere. More to visit, more to learn, more to enjoy!
Thanks for post.

Anonymous said...

I am an avid central Florida gardener (native, vegetables, hoyas, lipstick plants, African violets, etc). My blog - http://anoldsoulbyelihart.blogspot.com/ - is mostly about gardening. However, I'm also passionate about reading (amongst other things) and am prone to blog about them as well. I was fortunate to stumble across your blog as I love reading about other Florida gardeners.

mary_smith said...

Thanks for sharing all! I recognize a few but I didn't know there were so many.
I mostly write about organic veggie gardening and a recipe here and there.