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Monday, June 14, 2010

Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program

The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Homeowners Program was developed by the University of Florida IFAS Extension in an effort to teach homeowners how to create a beautiful landscape that conserves water and reduces pollutant runoffs, while saving time, energy and money. Sounds like a great program, and it is!
The program, in a nutshell, consists of 9 major principles:
* Right Plant, Right Place
* Water Efficiently
* Fertilize appropriately
* Mulch
* Attract Wildlife
* Control Yard Pests Responsibly
* Recycle
* Reduce Stormwater Runoff
* Protect the Waterfront

The program provides educational information, including workbook, articles, newsletters and workshops geared to educate and enlist homeowners in the ongoing battle to preserve our natural resources, and work in tandem with nature in our Florida yards. 

Florida Friendly Yard certifications are available for homeowners who use environmentally-friendly practices. By meeting the minimum requirements of the program, homeowners are recognized for their contribution to the state and awarded a sign for their yard and a certificate.

Most people think that Florida-Friendly landscapes are not attractive, but that is not true. Check out these photos to gather ideas for your own yard.

For more information, visit your county's web page for additional information on the program that is suitable for your area. 


NanaK said...

I love the examples in the photo link you provided. Lots of good ideas.

Rainforest Gardener said...

That's a program I've been wanting to take advantage of, almost as much as the master gardener program! Thanks for the informative post!

Susan said...

Kay...That is a really neat landscape...all plants and no grass.

RainforestGardener...There's lots of great info. there. You're welcome!

Kimberly said...

Susan, I'm in the process of becoming a certified FL yard...can't wait for the day I'm official! Thank you for sharing this info...I think everyone needs to know about this program.

Florida Hydroponics said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to take a look into this!

Kimberly said...

Susan, my visit by the extension reps will occur this Friday. I'm blogging about my angst...and tagging your post. Wish me luck!!

Our Local Life said...

Great to find your blog - a real help to Florida gardeners (and this time of year we really need it!)

Susan said...

Florida Hydroponics...I hope more gardeners will look into it. It sounds like a really good program.

Our Local Life...Hello and welcome. So glad you found us and that your finding the information here helpful. I look forward to visiting your blog, and will include you on my blogroll.