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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Florida Garden Blogs Growing in Numbers

There may not be much growing in our yards right now, but Florida garden blogs are growing in numbers daily. When I first started blogging it was rare to find other Florida garden blogs, so I'm thrilled to see that the numbers are growing steadily. All the blogs listed below have been added to our blogroll in the sidebar as well.

Hope you enjoy visiting these Florida garden bloggers...

The Rainforest Garden created by a Jax gardener who loves tropical flora.

My Garden Path by Nana K who gardens in the Tampa area.

Southeast Florida Garden Evolvement by Ami who gardens in Ft. Lauderdale.

Graceful Cottage Gardening by Tampa gardener Janis.

Our Jupiter Garden on the east coast.

Terra Mirabilis by Penny, formerly from the United Kingdom, now in S. Florida.

The Namaste Garden by Scarlett in Sarasota.

Florida's Native Orchids by Prem in Altamonte Springs.

Gardening Without Skills by Kate and crew in semi-rural Central Florida.

Pollywog Creek by Patricia who gardens in rural S. Florida.

**Update** Here's a couple more blogs...

Garden Adventures by Grower Jim in Orlando.  Thanks, Jim

Thanks to Kristen for the following two "new" blogs:

My Florida Backyard and Lepcurious: Tales from the Butterfly Garden 

If you're quietly standing on the sidelines reading this blog, and I haven't come across your blog yet, please leave me a comment, so I can include you here...that includes gardeners in north and south Florida.


Ami said...

Thank you for including my blog into the new list. This is a very informative blog that I find very useful. Thanks!

Penny McCrea said...

Hello, Susan. Thanks for your comments. I'm now following your blog, too. Looks like lots and lots of goodies on here.

El Jardin said...

Thanks from me as well for adding Our Jupiter Garden to your blog list. I found your blog very helpful in finding fellow Florida garden bloggers. Its fun seeing what other people are doing with their little corner of paradise.

Kimberly said...

Susan, I too love this blog to find fellow Florida gardeners. What a wealth of information and friends!!!

Grower Jim said...

Garden Adventures is my blog operating from Orlando. I mainly focus on tropical fruits and bromeliads but there are always some extras thrown in!
I invite all your readers to check it out:

Susan said...

Ami...You are very welcome. I'm always on the hunt for more Florida blogs, so let me know if you find others.

Penny...Thanks, and I'm looking forward to visiting your blog often. Once spring arrives we should start to see some pretty pics again on the blogs.

El Jardin...Yes, it is fun to see what others are doing, and gardening in Florida is quite unique which makes following other Florida gardens very helpful.

Kimberly...Thanks and do keep me posted should you discover other Florida garden bloggers.

Jim...Welcome and thanks for letting me know about your blog. I will include it on the blogroll today!

Kristen said...

Here are two more for you:

Lepcurious- Tales from the Butterfly Garden: A butterfly garden blog from MOSI in Tampa http://lepcurious.blogspot.com/


My Florida Backyard

Susan said...

Hi Kristen...I've got both Lepcurious and My Florida Backyard listed on the blogroll. I will edit this post and add them both there as well. Thanks for letting me know.

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