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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Plant Sales

Along with fall comes an array of local plant and garden shows. You can pick up plants at a great price from master gardener's and garden club sales. Garden shows are an enjoyable event where you can browse and shop for some unusual varieties. One of the best in Central Florida is the Mount Dora Plant & Garden Fair scheduled for November 1st and 2nd. Lots of plants and garden art to choose from, plus you can spend the day and enjoy the local shops and restaurants. Both give you an opportunity to mingle with other gardeners.

You can find garden shows and sales near you by checking your county extension agent's calendar of events, the weekend edition of your local newspapers, or by checking out Florida Gardening magazine's calendar of events.


Wicked Gardener said...

Where you able to go to this sale? I love Mount Dora and this would have been a great event to go to.

Susan said...

Wicked Gardener...I did go to the plant fair - first time in many years. The day was gorgeous and the crowd plentiful. It's one of the better shows that I've been to. There did seem to be less vendors than normal - only 1 bromeliad grower, no native plant growers, no local garden celebrities, few garden art and furniture vendors. I did manage, however, to scoop up a couple of tillandsias, a white blooming clerodendron and a pretty pink rex begonia. I was happy with my purchases.

tina said...

Hi there Cindy, You do such a good job letting all your local readers know about gardening related matters in Florida. This is a great service! I wish I lived close by so I can visit the plant sale:) I am a bit of an addict you see.

I also like how you posted all the other Florida blogs for other bloggers. It is sometimes hard to find local bloggers. I talk to Walk2Write at Roamin and Bloomin Idiot. She is a wonderful blogger and person for sure, do check her out and say hello from Tina.


Susan said...

Hi Tina...glad to hear from you. I know what you mean about being an addict :-) Gardening is definitely addictive. Thanks for the mention of blogs you read. I will definitely check them out.