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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Florida Garden Blogs

I've discovered many new Florida garden blogs from Gulfport to Jacksonville to West Palm Beach. I hope I placed everyone in the right location. Read on, and enjoy discovering new garden pals.

Gardening in Northeast Florida - Marina blogs about her efforts in converting her northeast Florida garden into a sustainable oasis for wildlife and human enjoyment.

Musable - "Ramblings on cooking, gardening and life..."

Bloom - "Journaling the growth of my gardens as well as my own personal growth"

Zen of Watering Your Garden - "Wrote it to encourage people to hand-water their gardens."

Bright Haven Times - "I love growing just about anything, but my favorite plants come from one certain spot. Nothing gives me greater gardening joy than to enter the well-loved garden of an..."

Roamin' and Bloomin' Idiot - "I started this blog to help me remember the progress of my journey through a new season of my life."

Our Square Foot Garden - "Gardenings, crafts, cooking, songs, and whatever grabs my imagination on a particular day."

Florida Ecomania - "...where all things Florida-friendly are discussed: local food, homegrown veggies, conservation, native plants and smaller-footprint living."

Garden Living - "Follow Emily on her gardening adventures as she tries to make her garden livable for herself and her family."

Cannas and Bananas - "I'm in love with gardens with an exotic , tropical feel and am working to convert my own basic backyard from blah to bold."

Our Garden Dirt - "My husband and I love gardening. It is our hobby as well as my husband's profession."

Gardening Fool - "A blog for impatient, somehow lazy, Central Florida gardener."

pencil and leaf - "A blog about plants, leaves and drawing based around an artist's new experience in the USA working from a botanical garden in Orlando."

Vero Beach:
Gardening Tips 123 - "A blog where people can get gardening ideas concerning organic gardening, composting, worm farms, container gardening and more."

West Palm Beach:
Green Side Up! - "Great gardens simplified!! and other advice for those with dirt under their nails."

If you know of any others, please let me know. Thanks!


Martha said...

I just discovered your blog recently while researching gardening in Florida. I'm in Sarasota and have just started my gardening journey. Stop by and visit sometime :-)

Susan said...

Martha...Thanks for your comment. I have visited your blog, and WOW you've come along way this summer. Kudos to you for doing all the hard work in the heat of summer. I will add your blog to my list as well. Thanks again for letting me know about your blog.

Martha said...

I've spent all morning going down your sidebar enjoying all the Florida blogs! Thank you for adding my blog to your list :-)

Wicked Gardener said...

Susan -I know a great central florida gardening blog - mine! :D

Susan said...

Wicked Gardener...Thanks for your comment on your blog. I've already got your "great gardening blog" listed in my Florida blogs sidebar, but your comment was a reminder to me to mention in future "new blog" posts that there are more Florida garden blogs listed on the sidebsr. Thanks and keep blogging!

Marina said...

Wow, little did I know you'd actually found me. I haven't gotten the hang of the whole blogging regularly thing. Maybe this growing community of bloggers will inspire me. Thanks for putting a link to my blog here! ~Marina, the latina gardener.

Susan said...

Marina...Glad you found Central Florida Gardener. I love those robust looking raddishes on your blog!

lola said...

HI Susan,
I'm just north of G'ville. I have been trying to garden for a few yrs. now. I've learned quite a bit from a real great person farther north close to where I was born.
I enjoyed your blog & will return. Your gardening is very much like mine as we here in Fl. have mostly the same conditions.

Susan said...

Hi Lola...Welcome! We Florida gardeners have to stick together because gardening is definitely different in the Sunshine state. Glad to hear from you. I will add your blog to my list.