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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get to Know the Good Guys

One of the wonders of nature is its ability to create balance. And a prime example of this can be found in the insect world. Beneficial insects are a welcome addition to any garden. The only problem is in knowing who is good and who is bad. The University of Florida Extension Service provides descriptions and photos of 11 common "good guys" online in their Beneficial Insects Sheet 1 and Beneficial Insects Sheet 2.

You can attract more beneficial insects to your yard by providing a wide variety of food (both nectar and pollen) sources. Planting a variety of perennials and native wildflowers is effective. Weeds are also a good source for beneficial insects, so don't be so quick to remove them all. Good plant choices include: goldenrod, yarrow, daisy, milkweed, scented geraniums, cosmos, fennel, dill, parsley, thyme, marigold, nasturtians and sunflowers.

Many beneficial insects can be purchased from mail order sources such as Gardens Alive and Gardener's Supply Co. When releasing purchased insects follow the enclosed instructions for best results.

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