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Cold-Hardy Plants List

Cold-Hardy Plants List

A BIG thank you to all of you who participated by submitting the lists of “survivors” in your yards. Our list of cold-hardy plants range from Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale, and from gardeners on both the east and west coasts.

In compiling the list, here‘s what I‘ve done:

#1 - The majority of the plants listed are the most cold-hardy for the central part of the state. However,  some of the plants you'll see listed under "tropicals" may have done well for some gardeners due to micro-climates -example: under trees, up against homes, near water, etc.

#2 - The plants are listed by category - from annuals to vines

#3 -  Each plant is linked to a Floridata Plant Profile page that contains more information about it (there are a few exceptions). NOTE: A BIG thank you to Jack at Floridata for graciously granting his permission to allow me to do this. The ’plant profiles’ provide a bounty of information. Watch for an upcoming post on Floridata - an invaluable website for Florida gardeners.

#4 - All native plants have an asterisk * behind the name.

#5 - The county or town of the person who reported the plants/trees is listed beside each plant. I was going to report each person’s name, but settled for town and county in an effort to save space.

All the generous Florida gardeners that took the time to submit their ‘survivors’ are listed at the end of this post. Again, thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to send me your lists (and, if I’ve neglected to list someone, please let me know and I’ll make the correction a.s.a.p.). If you haven’t submitted a list but want to, it’s not too late. Leave a comment on this post, and I’ll add your plants to the list.

The list turned out GREAT! I’ve been gardening for a long time in Florida, and I was surprised at how many wonderful cold-hardy choices we have, especially when it comes to perennials...43...can you believe it? Altogther, there are a total of 150 plants in 16 different categories. I have a feeling we'll all be busy adding new plants to our gardens this spring.

Now, here's the list:

Annuals/Biannuals (6)
Alyssum  'Lobularia maritima' (N.Hillsboro)
Dianthus 'D. barbatus' (Polk)
Dusty Miller  'Senecio cineraria'  (Orlando)
Pansy and Viola ' Viola x Wittrockiana' (Orlando, NW Hillsboro)
Petunia 'Petunia x hybrida' (Orlando)
Phlox 'Phlox drummondii'  (Orlando)

Bamboo (1)
Multiplex Fern Leaf  ' Bambusa multiplex' (South Tampa)

Cycads and Palms (10)
Everglades* 'Acoelorrhaphe wrightii' (Jax)
Hardy Bamboo palm 'Chamaedorea microspadix' (Jax)
Needle* 'Rhapidophyllum hystrix' (S.Hillsboro)
Pindo 'Butia capitata' (Lake, Polk)
Ponytail 'Beaucarnea recurvata' (Treasure Coast)
Queen 'Syagrus romanzoffiana' (Polk)
Rhapis Lady 'Rhapis excelsa' (S.Hillsboro)
Sago 'Cycas revoluta' (Lake, Polk)
Saw Palmetto ' Serenoa repens' (S.Hillsboro)
Stemless Cluster Palm 'Chamaedorea radicalis' (Jax)

Ferns (3)
Bird’s Nest 'Asplenium nidus' (Polk)
Holly 'Cyrtomium falcatum '(Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Rabbits Foot 'Davallia trichomanoides' (Polk, NW Hillsboro)

Fruit (10)
Blackberries 'Rubus fruticosus' (Lake)
Blueberries 'Vaccinium ashei' (Lake)
Fig 'Ficus carica' (Polk)
Loquat 'Eriobotrya japonica' (Jax)
Orange  'Citrus sinensis' (Lake, Polk)
Meyers Lemon 'Citrus meyeri' (Lake, NW Hillsboro)
Peaches (P olk)
Plums (Lake)
Ponderosa Lemon 'C.limon ×C.medica'  (Treasure Coast)
Pineapple Guava ‘Feijoa sellowiana (Jax, Lake, Orlando)

Grasses (4)
Blue-eyed*'Sisyrinchium angustifolium' (N.Hillsboro)
Gamma *'Tripsacum dactyloides' (N.Hillsboro)
Juncus 'Juncus effusus' (N.Hillsboro, South Tampa)
Muhly 'Muhlenbergia lindheimeri' (N.Hillsboro)

Groundcovers (7)
Ajuga 'Ajuga reptans' (Lake, Polk)
Amazon Lilies 'Eucharis grandiflora' (Orlando)
Cast-iron 'Aspidistra elatior'(Lake, Polk)
Coontie *'Zamia pumila' (Lake,N.Hillsboro, Polk)
Gold Mound Sedum (Lake, N.Hillsboro)
Liriope 'Liriope muscari' Various varieties (Jax, N.Hillsboro)
Purple Queen 'Tradescantia pallida' '(N.Hillsboro)

Herbs (6)
Allium ‘alba’(N.Hillsboro)
Chocolate Mint (N.Hillsboro)
Oregano (N.Hillsboro)
Parsley (Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Rosemary (Lake, N.Hillsboro, S.Tampa)
Spearmint (N.Hillsboro)

Perennials (43)
African Bush Daisy 'Gamolepis chrysanthemoides' (Polk)
African Iris 'Dietes iridioides' (Lake, N.Hillsboro, Polk)
Agapanthus  'Agapanthus spp.' (Lake, N.Hillsboro, Polk)
Agastache Black Adder (N.Hillsboro)
Beautyberry* 'Callicarpa americana' (Lake)
Belladonna Lilies (Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Black and Blue Salvia 'Salvia guaranitica' (N.Hillsboro)
Blackberry Lily (Polk)
Blue Sage 'Eranthemum nervosum' (Lake, Polk)
Brazilian Iris 'Neomarica caerulea' (Lake)
Brazilian Plume 'Justicia spp.' (Lake)
Bulbine 'Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark' (Lake, N.Hillsboro, NW Hillsborough)
Candy Lily (N.Hillsboro)
Coral Bean* 'Erythrina herbacea' (N.Hillsboro)
Coral Reef Sedum 'Sedum tetractinum 'Coral Reef' (N.Hillsboro)
Crocosmia 'Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora' (Melbourne)
Daylilies  'Hemerocallis hybrids' (Treasure Coast, Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Echinacea  'Echinacea purpurea' (Treasure Coast)
Fariy Fan FlowerScaevola aemula’ (NW Hillsboro)
False Blue Ginger 'Dichorisandra thyrsiflora' (N.Hillsboro)
Flag Iris'Iris pseudacorus' (Lake, Polk)
Flax Lily 'Dianella tasmanica varigata' (Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Gaura 'Gaura lindheimeri' (Lake, NW Hillsboro)
Goldenrod* 'Chrysoma pauciflosculosa'  (N.Hillsboro)
Horsemint* 'Monarda punctata' (Melbourne)
Hurricane Lilies ' Lycoris radiata' (N.Hillsboro)
Indian Blanket* 'Gaillardia pulchella' (Polk, N.Hillsboro, NW Hillsboro)
Lamb’s EarStachys byzantina’ (Polk)
Louisiana Iris 'Iris Louisiana hybrids' (N.Hillsboro)
Mexican Petunia 'Ruellia brittoniana (N.Hillsboro)
Mystic Spires Salvia 'Salvia Mystic Spires Blue' (Lake, N.Hillsboro)
Orange Bird of Paradise 'Strelitzia reginae’ (Polk, Melbourne)
Pineapple Sage 'Salvia elegans' (Lake) 
Plumbago 'Plumbago auriculata' (N.Hillsboro)
Rain Lilies 'Zephyranthes grandiflora'  (Lake, N.Hillsboro, Polk)
Red Shrimp 'Justicia brandegeana' (South Tampa, Melbourne)
Scabiosa ‘Scabiosa columbaria’(Orlando)
Society Garlic 'Tulbaghia violacea' (Polk, Lake)
St. Bernard’s Lily 'Anthericum liliago' (Lake)
Stoke’s Aster* ‘Stokesia laevis’ (Orlando)
Verbena 'verbena bonariensis' (N.Hillsboro)
Walking Iris 'Neomarica candida' (Polk, N.Hillsboro, S. Tampa)
Yarrow 'Achillea millefolium' (Polk, N.Hillsboro)

Shrubs: Flowering (17)
Azaleas 'Rhododendron spp.' (Lake, N.Hillsboro, Polk)
Camellias 'Camellia japonica' (Lake, Polk)
Butterfly Cassia 'Senna pendula' (Polk, NW Hillsboro)
Gardenia 'Gardenia augusta' (Polk)
Hydrangea 'Hydrangea paniculata' (Polk)
Lorapetlum 'Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum' (Polk, NW Hillsboro)
Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Hydrangea quercifolia' (Lake, N.Hillsboro)
Oleander 'Nerium oleander' (Orlando)
Orange Jasmine 'Murraya paniculata' (Treasure Coast)
Pagoda Clerodendron ' Clerodendrum paniculatum' (NW Hillsboro)
Pinwheel Jasmine 'Tabernaemontana' (NW Hillsboro)
Rose of Sharon or AltheaHibiscus syriacus’ (Polk)
Roses (including Knock-out) (Lake, Treasure Coast, NW Hillsboro)
Roses - Antique (Lake, Polk)
Simpson's Stopper 'Myrcianthes fragrans' (Lake, Melbourne)
Star Jasmine 'Trachelospermum jasminoides 'Star'' (Treasure Coast)
Thryallis 'Galphimia glauca' (Polk, NW Hillsboro)

Shrubs: Non-Flowering (12)
Anise* 'Illicium parviflorum'  (Orlando)
Eugenia (Treasure Coast)
Hollies - various 'ilex(Jax, Polk, Orlando)
Indian Hawthorne ' Rhaphiolepis indica' (Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Ligature (N.Hillsboro)
Nandina or Heavenly bamboo 'Nandina domestica' '(Lake, Polk)
Pittosporum 'Pittosporum tobira' (Lake, Polk)
Viburnum* 'Viburnum obovatum' (S. Tampa)
Viburnum V. suspensum’ and ‘V. odoratissimum’ (Polk)
Viburnum - Mrs. Schiller's Delight ‘dwarf’ (Polk)
Walters ViburnumWithlacoochee (N.Hillsboro)
Wild coffee* 'Psychotria nervosa' (Lake, Melbourne)

Succulents (3)
Aloe Vera 'Aloe vera' (Lake, Polk)
Various succulents (including flapjack) (NW Hillsboro)
Zebra Aloe 'Aloe maculata' (Polk, NW Hillsboro)

Trees (5)
Bottlebrush (stiff) ‘Callistemon rigid’ (Lake, Polk)
Bottlebrush (weeping) ‘Callistemon viminalis‘ (Jax, Polk, NW Hillsboro, Treasure Coast)
Giant Yucca ' Yucca elephantipes' (Jax)
Magnolia Grandiflora 'Magnolia grandiflora'  (Polk)
Yellow Tabebuia 'Tabebuia chrysantha' (Lake, Polk)

Tropical Plants (9)
Arboricola Variegata 'Schefflera arboricola "Trinette" (N.Hillsboro, NW Hillsboro)
Bromeliads -Neoregelia (Lake, N.Hillsboro, S. Tampa, Polk)
Butterfly Ginger 'Hedychium coronarium' (N.Hillsboro)
Butterfly Orchids ' Encyclia tampensis' (N.Hillsboro)
Cordyline Chocolate Queen 'Cordyline terminalis' (N.Hillsboro)
Cordyline Red Sensation ’australis’ (Jax-some damage, N.Hillsboro)
Peace Lily 'Spathiphyllum spp' (N.Hillsboro)
Shell Gingers ' Alpinia zerumbet' '(N.Hillsboro)
Philodendron 'Philodendron bipinnatifidum' (Jax, Lake)

Vegetables (5)
Broccoli (Polk, N.Hillsboro)
Collard Greens (Polk)
Lettuces (N.Hillsboro)
Pumpkin (Tampa)
Spinach (N.Hillsboro)

Vines (8)
Asiatic Jasmine 'Trachelospermum asiaticum' (N.Hillsboro)
Bleeding Heart 'Clerodendrum thomsoniae' (NW Hillsboro)
Confederate Jasmine ' Trachelospermum asiaticum' (Polk, N.Hillsboro, Melbourne, NW Hillsboro)
English Ivy 'Hedera helix' (N.Hillsboro)
Honeysuckle 'Lonicera japonica' (Lake, Melbourne, Treasure Coast)
Pandora 'Pandorea pandorana' (Lake, NW Hillsboro)
Sweet Pea 'Lathyrus odoratus ' (Orlando, Polk)
Yellow Carolina Jasmine or Jessamine* 'Gelsemium sempervirens' (N.Hillsboro, Treasure Coast)

* Native to Florida

Ami in Ft.Lauderdale (zone10) reported her list of plants that weathered the lower than normal temperatures a wee bit further south than the gardeners here in the central part of the state. Some of these did well here, while others experienced some damage.
Bromeliads (Aechmea blanchetiana 'Orangeade' , Neos)
Diamond Frost
Red Fountain Grass
dipladenia pink
Jatropha Tree
African Iris (fortnight lily)
Yellow African Iris (Nile of lily)
Purple Queen
Golden Shrimp

Ami (Ft. Lauderdale)
Betsy (Melbourne)
Florida Girl (Polk)
Kimberly (Treasure Coast)
Meems (N. Hillsborough)
NanaK (S. Tampa)
Penny (N.W. Hillsborough)
Patti (Lake)
Rainforest Gardener (Jacksonville)
Susan (Polk)