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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching up with Florida Garden Blogs

I've been remiss in posting on new Florida garden blogs (33 altogether) I've come across lately. The following blogs are ones I've previously added to the blogroll (side column) but haven't mentioned them in a post:

South Florida Gardening - Sanddune chronicles his triumphs and tribulations in his sandpit in Ft. Pierce.

Florida Backyard - Stacy, originally from Alabama, now gardens in central Florida.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve - The staff at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg keeps everyone updated on the 245 acre preserve and the events.

Keeping up with Carol - Carol blogs about her garden and home in Jacksonville.

The Conservative Gardener - Check out the veggies in Dennis' Ocala garden.

Polk Florida Yards & Neighborhoods - Here you'll find tips on creating a Florida-Friendly garden from the Polk County Florida Yards & Neighborhood Program.

Volunteering at Fairchild - Maria writes about her experiences as a volunteer at Fairchild Gardens in South Florida.

Variegated Living - Jo Ann, formerly from the north is now learning how to garden southern-style.

Orlando Realtor - Maxine posts about her Orlando garden and other adventures in her life.

Flower Lady's Musings - Flower Lady's peaceful postings and photos of her cottage garden are an enjoyable read.

Little Green Bees - James and Becca gardening on Florida's gulf coast.

Robert's Tropical Paradise - Lots of information on tropical plants.

Hydroponic Outdoor Greenhouse - This gardener's experience on hydroponic gardening in an urban environment.

Deborah's Garden - Visit Deborah's Northwest Florida garden.

Now for the new blogs added to the blogroll:

Florida Native Plant Society Blog - Get information on native from the experts.

Ms. Grow-it-all - Audrey Post...a Tallahassee journalist and master gardener...answers questions on Florida gardening.

Clean Green Natives  - Suzanne Dingwell grows native plants in her Palm Beach County garden.

Hawthorn Hill Wildflowers - Craig Huegel celebrates Native Florida Wildflowers in his Seminole garden.

Adventures of a transplanted gardener - Ginny Stibolt chronicles her experiences of learning how to garden in her Green Springs garden.

Manure Depot -  Adina Lehrman, organic garden consultant and master gardener, in South Florida blogs about the recognition of our need for interdependence with nature, and on how to approach no till gardening in South Florida.

Grower Jim - Jim in Orlando provides a ton of beneficial information on plants for Florida gardeners...nice photos, too.

Tog of Coral Gables - Tog shares his South Florida garden and experience of growing orchids for 60 years.

The Vegetable Hatt - Successfully growing vegetables for 20 years in Haines City.
Bay-Friendly Landscaping  - Nanette O'Hara gardening responsibly in the Tampabay area.

Our Local Life - Kelli's blog on living and gardening locally...in Gainesville.

My Maple Hill Farm - Daisy posts on gardening and yummy recipes.

Bloom - Angie blogs about her garden in Jacksonville.

Kara's Garden - Visit Kara's garden in Palm City.

Zone 9 Garden - A Florida vegetable garden blog.

Floresonance - A new blog on amateur botany.

The Sobe Gardener - Gardening in Miami Beach.

And, here's a couple of Florida nature blogs you may enjoy:

Natural World - A Central Florida mom who loves nature.
Florida Nature Photography - Beautiful photos of all parts of Florida.

Here's two more I just found:  Serendipity in the Garden  and The Good Garden

If you have a Florida garden or nature blog that I've not listed in our sidebar Blogroll, please leave me a comment and I will gladly add you to the list. I hope you each find some new Florida blogs you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Time to Start Planning the Fall Vegetable Garden

It seems way too hot to even begin thinking about the fall garden, but mid-August is the time to start planting beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, yellow squash, tomatoes and zucchini. And, if you start your own plants from seeds, then you'll need to get started now.

A strong healthy crop starts with good healthy soil, so don't forget to spend a little time enriching your soil for best results. The University of Florida has a great article on growing vegetables with organic soil amendments.

And, if you'd like to avoid using toxic pesticides on your crops, you'll find their article on using natural products for insect control helpful.

For some hands-on information, visit these Florida garden bloggers who successfully grow vegetables in the Sunshine State:

What varieties of beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, squash and tomatoes have you grown successfully in your vegetable garden?