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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Compost Happens!

Alaskan garden writer, Marion Owen, shares her long list of items you can successfully compost. Now, I know you're thinking, "what does a gardener from Alaska know about gardening in Florida?" But compost is compost wherever you live. And her list of 163 items you can mix into your compost pile is stunning. The list seems endless and some of the items will be ones you never thought of. So, next time you think about throwing something in the trash can, stop and remember Marion's list and you will soon be turning your everyday trash into rich compost for your garden.
Need A Garden Coach?
As a garden coach I work with "do-it-yourself" clients who want to learn more about gardening in Florida. Most people have an idea of what they want to create but lack plant selection or design knowledge. My job is to:
* Suggest plants suitable for the Central Florida climate.
* Create ideas for an eye-pleasing design.
* Identify plants and provide care information for homeowners who relocated from other parts of the country.
* Provide personalized quarterly maintenance schedules.
* Consult on the addition of "wildlife-friendly" plants to the garden.
My design motto is "less is more." The fewer varieties of plants used, the more attractive and fluid the design looks, especially in small areas. Plants grouped together in numbers and repeated throughout a landscape create a cohesive, free-flowing design that is calming to the mind and spirit.
All plans include: planting and care information, design tips and plant sources. 
My expertise is in low-maintenance landscapes and wildlife gardening (birds & butterflies).
About me:
* I am a native-Floridian and have been gardening for 24 years.
* Master Gardener training in 1996.
* My individual blog is called Simply Susan
Send me an email and we'll get started today.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hoe and Shovel

Meems who gardens in west central Florida writes about her garden in her blog Hoe and Shovel. There's only one thing I can say about her garden -- it is BEAUTIFUL! Her stunning shade garden is awash in soft shades of magenta, deep purple, green and white. She truly has an eye for blending colors and textures as this photo and the one in the right column show. You definitely do not want to miss a visit to Meem's garden. But I must warn you that her photos are intoxicating, and you'll quickly find yourself coveting her spectacular garden. And you'll definitely want to add it to your "favorites" list.

The Right Plant in the Right Location

Finding the right plant for a particular area in your landscape is easier said than done. I was flipping through my Florida gardening books in search of plants that do well in moist soil. It was time consuming and I ended up with a bunch of page markers all throughout the book until I came across this little gem of a book at Books a Million. The Florida Gardener's Book of Lists by Lois Trigg Chaplin and Monica Moran Brandies contains what else but lists, over 200 (to be more specific) lists of plants that do well in certain conditions. There are lists for flowering and foliage plants for shade, exotic flowering plants, salt-tolerant plants, sun-loving plants, groundcovers for wet soil, roses, plants of flowers by color, and the lists go on and on. There are lists for trees, shrubs, vines, ferns, groundcovers, roses, perennials, annuals, edible plants and specialty plants.
This book provided me not only with a list of plants to readily choose from but also ones known to do well in Florida. A definite plus for those gardeners new to gardening in the Florida climate. I also loved the list of roses that perform well in Florida, as well as the lists of flowering plants by color. This book definitely makes landscaping a yard easier. It's a definite "must-have" for any Florida gardener.