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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Time to Start Planning the Fall Vegetable Garden

It seems way too hot to even begin thinking about the fall garden, but mid-August is the time to start planting beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, yellow squash, tomatoes and zucchini. And, if you start your own plants from seeds, then you'll need to get started now.

A strong healthy crop starts with good healthy soil, so don't forget to spend a little time enriching your soil for best results. The University of Florida has a great article on growing vegetables with organic soil amendments.

And, if you'd like to avoid using toxic pesticides on your crops, you'll find their article on using natural products for insect control helpful.

For some hands-on information, visit these Florida garden bloggers who successfully grow vegetables in the Sunshine State:

What varieties of beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, squash and tomatoes have you grown successfully in your vegetable garden?


Florida Outside Hydroponics said...

Im starting my fall seeds now and I have some starters plants doing very well already. I figured I would let them stay out in the heat from seed, so I wouldnt have to harden them off.

Somehow the sun did kill them and they are doing VERY well.

Summer is killing me with all this heat. If I wouldnt have built my greenhouse from an old carport, everything would most likely be dead. It has a 50% shade cloth and greenhouse poly film for the roof. It is working VERY well also. If I could get some time to hook up my misting system in there, it would be awesome. :)

Dont forget to include my blog on your listing of awesome florida blogs :)


Hydroponics in the Tough Florida Summer Heat - did I hear someone say impossible? I dont think so!

Florida Outside Hydroponics said...

On a side note, if anyone is Central Florida is looking for shade cloth or poly greenhouse film, let me know on my blog. I know a women that gets excess supplies from greenhouse builders and sells them at a very good, discounted rate.

Kimberly said...

Susan, thank you for letting me know. I've not been successful at veggies but want to give it another try this year. I'll start now.

Meems said...

Hey Susan~~ great post,
You are so right. It is hard to imagine getting things going in the edible garden in this heat. But every August it is time to think about starting our tomato seeds in small pots. I start them in 4" pots and move them up from there as they grow~~ gradually putting them in the ground usually around the end of September. Initially they are kept in the shade on the covered back porch until the nights cool down a tad.

In Florida it's always a guessing game and trial and error tactics. But if anyone even thinks they'd like to give it a try here's a little tip: I always remind myself SEEDS ARE CHEAP so the little bit of effort it takes to get them started is SO worth it when they make it.

Happy planting!(Thank you for the link to my blog... I have links to the veggie garden trials and tribulations on my side bar).


Orlando Realtor said...

Thanks for the time-line reminder. It is time to start seeds now for the fall garden.

It is difficult to think this way with the temperatures still in the mid 90's outside. And for some reason my tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are still producing.

Ann Flowers said...

Thanks for sharing the Time to Start Planning the Fall Vegetable Garden. It was nice going through your blog.

NanaK said...

Great post, Susan. I have started seeds for some tomatoes. Cherry toms: Galinas, Husky Cherry Red, and an unknown heirloom yellow and a black from Publix. The only regular size tomato I started was Cherokee Purple. I also started some bush beans. All have germinated and I'm planning to put them in their final containers around Labor Day. Since I container garden, I will only end up with 6 tomatoes (usually all different varieties) and maybe 4 green beans and I plan to have some lettuce when it gets cooler. Lettuce and green beans are new ventures for me.

I really appreciate the links to all the info. I've never used pesticides and if there is a problem, I just pull the plant out and call it a season. Usually, fall is not too much of a problem. Spring is another story.

Terra Mirabilis said...

Hey, Susan. We start our toms, etc. in a month or so, but I've noticed lots of little seedlings in the compost heap, so I might see what happens to them. Hopefully, they'll be from the heirlooms so they'll run true.

Nice post; and thanks for the reminder.

Elizabeth said...

I am so grateful that I found your blog!!
I live in SW Florida and will be starting my first (two) square foot gardens this year. I know I will find a great deal of information on your blog to help me with my project.
I want to grow my food and really hope that I can make my gardens a success.
Peace and RAW Health,

organic-momma said...

Great to find your blog (one of your followers followed me and lead me to you) : D

I'm a organic momma and grow fruits and veggies in my yard. Also trying the back to the basic lifestyle with a modern twist (running water, tv/ internet)

I hope you can include me in your blog list!


I have my heat loving veggies going now and come september ill start my cold loving! Just cleared out the beds(seems I've been growing weeds) and ready for a fresh start!!

Susan said...

Florida Outside Hydroponics...Welcome and thanks for your comment. Glad to hear your starter plants are doing well.

Kimberly...Glad you're going to give it another try. Don't give up...I'm sure you'll learn a little more each time and will eventually be successful.

Meems...You're a great inspiration to those who want to grow veggies in Florida. Thanks for the tip on starting from seeds.

Maxine...Glad to hear your garden is still producing. It does seem like a strange time to get started, but soon this relenting heat will give way to some more pleasant temps. :-)

Ann Flowers...You are very welcome!

Kay...Sounds like you're well underway with your fall garden. Your tomato varities sound yummy. I think you'll enjoy growing beans and lettuce. They're probably one of the easier crops in Florida.

GetSoiled said...

Hi Susan,

I just noticed you added me to your list of Florida veg growers so I wanted to thank you for the nice gesture.

I just went to your SimplySusansPlace blog and everything is looking beautiful!

Have a lovely day!

daisy said...

Thanks for the no-nonsense advice about veggie gardening. Alas, I will be a bit late this year, as I just ordered my heirloom seeds. Enjoy reading your blogs!

Susan said...

Get Soiled...You are so welcome. Your veggie information is very helpful.

Daisy...Better late than never. Good luck with your garden.

Dani said...

I love this time of year! Still hot out, but you can almost feel the fall. :)

Jeffrey said...

I'm over in Texas and felt the same way about fall gardening, especially since there's not too much a fall season in Texas. It's still very hot in September over here and I could barely wrap my head around preparing for fall gardening. Although, since summer has past and the weather has been cooling down, our garden seems to be doing much better.

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